WAN Governance permanent audit

wan governance permanent audit


WAN Governance Permanent Audit is a professional service delivered by Ipanema and its certified service partners which offers unique value to the IT organization of large enterprises. It provides C-level and detailed recommendations, including but not limited to:

  • Critical applications performance analysis
  • Critical sites performance analysis
  • Application SLAs (definition, enforcement, control)
  • WAN rightsizing to define the network bandwidth according to the application SLAs
  • IT/network performance breakdown analysis
  • Ipanema optimal architecture and configuration fine tuning


WAN Governance Permanent Audit provides full visibility of application traffic over the enterprise WAN. Using the audit information and recommendations, IT managers can:

  • Align their WAN with business objectives
  • Communicate high-level KPIs across the enterprise
  • Improve critical application performance
  • Put into place application performance SLAs
  • Justify, control and reduce IT costs


WAN Governance Permanent Audit provides a quarterly analysis of Ipanema reporting and a dedicated report with results and recommendations. The audit findings are then presented and discussed with the enterprise IT team. Prerequisites: The enterprise must have a running Ipanema system that monitors, controls and accelerates applications. The audit is based on the permanent collection of application and network performance reports from the customer’s system. The WAN Governance consultant must have access to these reports, ideally, from a remote access.