WAN Optimization

Accelerate traffic while guaranteeing critical application performance – in long-haul networks and bandwidth-restricted locations, Ipanema’s WAN Optimization mitigates the impact of delay for chatty applications, increases the available bandwidth on the private WAN and reduces application transfer time for any application, no matter it is hosted on the Private Data Center or in the Cloud (SaaS applications).

Ipanema’s WAN Optimization accelerates response time, improving the delivered Quality of Experience (QoE). It includes a combination of techniques, including redundancy elimination (also referred to as compression, byte caching or de-duplication), TCP acceleration and application acceleration (including SSL optimization and CIFS optimization) mechanisms. WAN Optimization is dynamically applied under the Application Control umbrella to ensure that the delivered additional performance always serves the most critical applications first, as defined by the global Application Performance Objectives (APOs).

approach to wan 2012

Ipanema’s approach to WAN Optimization with ANS is:

Controlled – Tightly coupling WAN Optimization with Application Control prevents accelerated applications from creating congestion that will hurt business critical applications and protects applications like voice and tele-presence. In addition, the “virtual bandwidth” created by WAN Optimization is allocated according to business priorities (i.e. not always to the application that has been cached/compressed), maximizing the value for the business.

Transparent to the IT and the network – Ipanema’s WAN Optimization is fully transparent and does not require changes to the configuration of the IT infrastructure or network mechanisms (like MPLS Classes of Service).

Applicable to all applications – WAN Optimization covers the three key application performance bottlenecks (bandwidth, TCP protocol and application protocol). It fits for all types of applications, including real-time, transactional and data transfer applications.

A la carte/modular – WAN Optimization can be deployed only where necessary, eliminating the need for deployment in branches which already benefit from broadband network access and short delays.

Security-Friendly – WAN Optimization manages SSL traffic without compromising Enterprise’s security chain: our technology does not require SSL servers’ Private Key to be imported onto our devices. In addition this approach means that we can not only accelerate “in house” SSL- based applications, but also accelerate any applicable SaaS applications, for example Office365 or Salesforce.com,  from the corporate internet access in the data centre across the corporate WAN to the end-user location.

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