Dynamic WAN Selection

Unify hybrid networks into a single logical network – Ipanema’s Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS) adds next-generation application centric load balancing to Application Control and WAN Optimization. Dynamic WAN selection maximizes the value of multiple network combinations (like dual MPLS access, dual service providers or MPLS + Internet) by unifying application performance and ensuring the optimum usage of each available path between sites.

Dynamic WAN Selection automatically chooses the best access for each application flow to maximize the delivered performance and continuity, while optimizing the usage of each available network at the same time. WAN selection criteria include quality parameters like network delay, jitter and loss, as well as the available bandwidth. Evaluated in real-time, these criteria are weighted according to the corresponding Application Performance Objectives (APOs) set in SALSA: voice will usually look for the fastest path while email might prefer the largest available one.

Dynamic WAN Selection provides enterprises with a new dimension in business communication continuity through redundant networks, while guaranteeing application performance and optimizing costs:

  • Select the best network access for each application flow, maximizing application performance, continuity and network usage;
  • Take into account the end-to-end characteristics of each available network (quality and bandwidth) to select in real-time the best access for each application flow;
  • Offer a variety of selection strategies (from fully automated to partially or fully constrained) in order to adapt to various enterprise policies.

Ipanema’s Dynamic WAN Selection is fully integrated with other ANS features (Application Visibility, Application Control and WAN Optimization) to guarantee the application performance over the unified hybrid networks as if it were built from a single one.

DWS makes all network accesses available for use (no more passive back-up lines), enabling enterprises to use all the capacity they pay for. It maximizes the performance of all applications over the unified network infrastructure (data, voice, video, interactive, etc.).

Ipanema’s DWS can simultaneously manage up to three network accesses on a given site.

Dynamic WAN Selection

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