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Scalable Application-Level Service Architecture (SALSA®) is the central management platform for Ipanema’s Autonomic Networking System (ANS™). SALSA brings the power of Ipanema’s ANS architecture to the user through automation, distributed processing and web-based interfaces. A multi-tenant version of SALSA is available for Managed Service Providers to address a large number of enterprises from the same platform.

SALSA provides:

  • Global provisioning and activation of ANS;
  • Management of ANS components (inventory, software upgrades, etc.);
  • Real-time dashboard of application performance;
  • Reporting of application usage and performance, including MOS, AQS and application SLAs;
  • Event generation (alarming) and various interfaces to third-party systems (like OSS/BSS);
  • Optional integration capabilities within the enterprise IT environment.

Manage Application SLAs 2012
SALSA periodically collects usage and performance information from ANS agents. This information is consolidated into a synchronous multi-dimensional table that contains details such as application identity, volume, source, destination and quality.

The information is delivered to real-time monitoring, network troubleshooting and alarming tools. Historical views of applications and sites can be produced for any time period – from minutes to years. Custom reports can focus on specific areas of the network, from a global network view down to any application on a specific site, providing a very flexible and complete visibility on application behavior over the entire network.

SALSA  is reached through a simple Web interface. An iPhone/iPad application is available for an easy access to business application performance.

SALSA for Service Providers - With SALSA-MSP, Managed Service Providers can deliver a variety of application-centric services to their enterprise customers. SALSA has been deployed with success by the largest, most demanding global MSPs and is considered as the benchmark for application-centric services delivery.

SALSA-MSP includes:

  • A dedicated management platform for productized rollouts with a clustering architecture that can start small and scale up to the entire customer base of the largest Service Providers;
  • Modular components to support delivery of a variety of services;
  • Compatibility with a variety of operating systems and virtualization techniques;
  • Support of high-availability architectures;
  • A simple and smooth integration with Service Providers’ IT architectures.

With the SALSA-MSP platform, application-centric services can be delivered to thousands of customer organizations from a single, unified operations center. Network operations are simplified to make application-centric services  more profitable for Service Providers and more efficient for their customers.

SALSA Sens Respond

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