Ipanema’s self-learning and self-optimizing System tightly integrates all the features to guarantee the best application performance: Application Visibility, Application Control, WAN Optimization, Dynamic WAN Selection and Network Rightsizing. Easy to use and scalable, ANS addresses mid-size companies, enterprises with 1,000s of sites and Service Providers with 1,000s of customers. Based on the SALSA central management platform and a family of appliances and software agents, ANS fits from the smallest branch to the largest data center.

Get full understanding of application performance over your network.
Adjust each user's flow in real-time and guarantee user experience.
Accelerate delay sensitive applications and reduce bandwidth consumption.
Automatically select the best path over multiple hybrid networks.
Pay for what you need: balance performance and bandwidth.
Automatically drive your global network from a few application performance objectives.
Configure and monitor application performance from the central SALSA platform.
A full range of products - from the largest data centers to the smallest branch offices and mobile workers.