SALSA PS bundle


SALSA PS Bundle is a professional service package for Managed Service Providers who adopt the SALSA multi-tenant platform to deliver their own application-centric managed service. It provides the appropriate skills transfer and consulting services to secure a successful service delivery life cycle.


SALSA PS Bundle makes sure that Managed Services Providers get their SALSA platform well installed, stable and ready to scale for increasing number of customers and managed sites. Pro-active support ensures consistently high availability of the SALSA platform during its life cycle.


The SALSA PS Bundle consists of three phases:

  • IT integration workshop, including a complete technical presentation, understanding of the service provider’s IT integration requirements and recommendations for servers, operating systems and IT architecture;
  • Software installation and knowledge transfer to the technical team in charge of platform operations and maintenance;
  • A12-month permanent audit, including recommendations about platform fine-tuning to fit a changing IT environment such as systems customization, sizing of servers, software releases and versioning, etc.
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