QuickStart is a Professional Service for enterprise customers. It delivers knowledge transfer by a certified and experienced consultant around key topics including planning, deployment, configuration and operations. This service is typically delivered at the initial deployment of an Ipanema system to ensure its successful and optimized implementation.


Enterprises that use Ipanema QuickStart service can:

  • Get a fast and practical transfer of knowledge adapted to their specific use of the system
  • Accelerate the system configuration phase and shorten the time to get first reports as well as application traffic control and acceleration
  • Ensure a successful and fine-tuned Ipanema deployment
  • Maximize their Return On Investment (ROI) with full benefits from the very beginning


QuickStart consists of an on-site consulting engineer that will understand you own use case, then propose system configuration and tuning. She will also transfer the appropriate knowledge for your IT team to operate by itself and get all the value from your Ipanema system.

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