Professional services

QuickStart is an Ipanema Professional Service which delivers ad-hoc knowledge transfer services by a certified and experienced consultant around key topics including planning, deployment, configuration and operations. This service is typically delivered at the initial deployment of an Ipanema system to ensure its successful and optimized implementation.

SALSA PS Bundle is an Ipanema Professional Service package for service providers (Telcos and Managed Service Providers) who decide to deliver an application-centric managed service using the SALSA platform. It provides the appropriate skills transfer to ensure a successful service delivery life cycle.

WAN Governance Permanent Audit is a Professional Service that provides unique value to the IT organizations of large enterprises. WAN Governance Permanent Audit:

  • Helps enterprises st-up place application Service Level Agreements (SLAs) over the network
  • Provides recommendations based on a permanent measurement of the delivered services
  • Allocates support responsibilities between the WAN and IT infrastructure
  • Provides recommendations to rightsize WAN bandwidth according to application SLAs
  • Enables telecom costs allocation based on usage and delivered performance

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