To manage the growing complexity created by our rapidly moving, web-connected world, IT managers are consistently looking towards IT as a key enabler. Desktop virtualization, cloud applications, BYOD, social media and Unified Communications are just a few examples of IT functions which companies rely upon on a daily basis to run their business. These new IT trends strongly increase IT complexity.

At the same time, businesses deploy lot of solutions including APM, WAN Optimization, ADC, Load Balancing, SDN, and more, all aimed at helping manage complexity. Yet instead of transforming complexity into simplicity, businesses create even more complexity. This prevents them from protecting their IT efficiency.

Simplicity starts with Ipanema. Objective-based, global, automated and fully integrated, Ipanema gives you all the features set of solutions you need to guarantee ERP, CRM and business application performance to every user and easily manage new usages and IT transformations.

What ever the number of sites, telecom providers, users, applications or sites, with Ipanema, you easily regain control, maximize users adoption and expected benefits  with your IT transformations:

Thanks to Ipanema, you align IT with business objectives easily supporting company’s business growth objectives and related traffic explosion while reducing the IT costs.

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