If you want to:

  • Know which applications use your network…
  • Guarantee application performance delivered to users…
  • Manage cloud applications, Unified Communications and Internet growth at the same time…
  • Do more with a smaller budget in a changing business environment, and prove it…

…We have the solution!

Deliver maximum performance to each user of business applications, anytime, whatever the complexity.
Maximize the end-users experience for VoIP calls, videoconferencing and file sharing and ensure a quick and successful adoption of UC.
Guarantee the performance of Office 365, Google Apps or Make sure your business critical applications are not impacted by document sharing, web conferencing or recreational applications.
Protect the performance of business applications on all devices even with social media and recreational web activities.
Manage increasing bandwidth requirements to support new usages and business applications, while avoiding cost increases by dynamically using all MPLS + Internet available resources.
Reduce Mean Time To Innocence and prevent application performance problems. Provide indisputable application SLA results and ease communications with business managers.
Protect your applications investment, ensure IT projects are on time and on budget, improve IT operations team efficiency and avoid unnecessary bandwidth upgrades.
Successfully deliver guaranteed application performance to your offshore and isolated sites that are connected by satellite.