Reduce IT spending

Poor application performance has a massive impact on users’ productivity and customer’s satisfaction. IT must guarantee application performance  while supporting business transformations such as:

  • Deploying Unified Communications
  • Moving business applications to the cloud
  • Implementing Bring Your Own  Device (BYOD)policies
  • Using social media and video
  • Maintaining (and even reducing) global IT expenses

With a typical TCO of only $2 to $6/user/month, Ipanema increases IT operational efficiency and enables savings on many aspects of the enterprise IT budget, totaling from $400 to $1,200/user/month.

Today, how do you manage the challenges? How do you:

  • Guarantee the conditions for users’ productivity and customers’ satisfaction?
  • Ensure challenging IT transformations like desktop video or the move of a business application to the cloud is on time and on budget?
  • Maintain the speed of IT transformations in an increasingly complex application environment for your IT workforce?
  • Make better use of your available resources and find affordable solutions to support new business applications as well as the ever growing use of Internet?

What if your IT Organization could:

  • Increase user productivity by guaranteeing excellent and constant application performance in every circumstance?
  • Satisfy customers by reducing wait time at the front desk, providing rapid answers to enquiries and ensuring quick in-store payments?
  • Ensure the success of IT projects like Unified Communications, SaaS collaboration, server consolidation and desktop virtualization?
  • Improve the efficiency of your IT operations team by relieving them from ‘fire-fighting’ and enabling them to move up to IT planning and governance responsibilities?
  • Avoid bandwidth upgrades and make use of lower cost infrastructure?

Using Ipanema, our customers have addressed all these concerns, with tangible benefits, by being able to:

  • Guarantee business applications are delivered according their performance SLAs in every circumstance, maximizing users’ productivity and customers’ satisfaction;
  • Decrease the number of calls to the service desk by automatically removing most of application performance brownouts before users feel the pain;
  • Secure the deployment of new applications and reduce their adoption time without complex and costly additional resources;
  • Provide IT operation teams with precise information about application traffic and performance, turning them from techno-centric stakeholders to business-centric contributors;
  • Reduce bandwidth requirements by  2 to 3, delaying the need for bandwidth upgrades by up to 3 years without impacting the end-users Quality of Experience;
  • Benefit from low cost and large capacity hybrid networks, reducing the cost per Mbps by a factor of 2 to 4.