Application Control

Guarantee user experience across the global network – Combined with Application Visibility, WAN Optimization and Dynamic WAN Selection, Ipanema's Application Control guarantees superior user experience:

  • Drive application performance over the global WAN;
  • Protect all applications, including real-time and interactive flows;
  • Manage complex meshed flows. 

Drive application performance over the global WAN
– Application Performance Objectives (APOs) set per-user and defining the quality expectations for each important application. APOs and business criticalities are defined from the central management platform (SALSA) which communicates them to the distributed devices (ip|engine and nano|engine). A higher criticality is set for the most important applications where the business needs guaranteed performance. A low criticality means that when demand for resources is high, the business can tolerate having the corresponding applications receive fewer resources.

Define per user application

Once the APOs and business criticalities are defined, the ip|engines (and nano|engines) cooperate all together in real-time to assess whether good performances  are being delivered over the network. Then, they automatically allocate the available resources to each individual application flow so it can match or even exceed its performance objectives resulting in 100% user satisfaction across the entire network.

APOs can also be used for security or traffic denial reasons: an objective set to 0 Kbits/s will instantaneously shut that application down, network-wide.

percentage of satisfied users across the network

Protect real-time, interactive and data-transfer applications
– Ipanema manages each application flow individually according to its performance requirements, such as bandwidth, delay, loss and jitter:

  • Real-time flows such as VoIP or tele-presence are forwarded in a manner that prevents unwanted delay, loss or jitter;
  • Interactive applications such as Citrix or SAP require low average transit delay. Ipanema detects user behavior in real-time and manages changing profiles, such as where users load or save a local file inside a Citrix session versus the transactional phase of entering data;
  • Data-transfer connections, such as FTP or email, are managed to receive the maximum possible bandwidth resources without degrading delay-sensitive flows.

traffic type and user behavior

Manage complex meshed flows
- In modern branch offices, users need to access applications that sit in multiple locations including server sites, private data centers, hosted servers, unified communications or cloud applications over the Internet. The branch office is rapidly congested by the combination of all these flows competing for the access bandwidth, severely affecting user experience.

Manage complex meshed flows

Ipanema solves this situation with a device in the path of each on-premise traffic source (typically data centers and main sites), and using either the ultra-compact nano|engine or the tele|engine agent for a cost effective control of  branch offices.