Protect Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) offers huge opportunities for the enterprise. They can improve productivity, collaboration, team efficiency and customer focus, while reducing related costs. These benefits depend on the end-users’ experience. Creating new challenges, not every UC project yields the expected ROI.

Guaranteeing the performance of UC and business-critical applications at the same time is crucial to deployment success and all related investments.

Today, how do you manage the challenges? How do you:

  • Maximize the end-user experience for VoIP calls, videoconferencing and file sharing to guarantee the adoption of UC?
  • Ensure that business critical applications such as ERP, financial reporting, VDI and CRM will not be impacted by real-time, bandwidth-hungry and very dynamic UC flows?
  • Control the huge traffic increase on the WAN coming from new usages like desktop sharing and peer-to-peer video communications without blocking them?
  • Reduce deployment risks to obtain the anticipated ROI and protect your UC investments without excessive, unnecessary, bandwidth upgrades?

What if your IT Organization could:

    • Guarantee the quality of VoIP calls and videoconferencing, even between two branch offices, by delivering the required bandwidth and the expected Quality of Service for these real-time flows?
    • Authorize webcams and desktop sharing by automatically limiting bandwidth per communication to regulate these hungry less-critical flows if necessary?
    • Protect business critical applications by prioritizing them above less critical applications to ensure end-users’ satisfaction and productivity?
    • Get easy global visibility on UC and other pre-existing applications performance as well as their impact on the network with high-level, real-time reporting, comprehensive KPIs, simple metrics and quality scores?
    • Dynamically use all available resources over your MPLS/Internet hybrid network by improving real-time management of high bandwidth UC traffic flows at a more reasonable cost?

Using Ipanema, our customers have addressed all these concerns, with tangible benefits by being able to:

  • Maximize the adoption of UC solutions, with an average 15% decrease in travel costs and a 90% adoption rate after 6 months;
  • Guarantee the performance of VoIP and real-time video without bandwidth upgrades for up to 3 years, corresponding to an average savings of $15/user/month;
  • Reduce Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI) by a factor of 3, corresponding to an average savings of $15/user/month;
  • Simplify the management of hybrid networks and improve business continuity, saving $10 to $50+/user/month on network cost.