Today enterprises’ business require Application Performance Guarantees over the network

The link between business performance and IT performance has never been so strong. To address the key business needs of their company (M&A, real-time marketing, product innovation, services and sales processes, increase in productivity, cost reduction, etc.), CIOs implement IT transformations (Unified Communications and Collaboration, Internet & social media, Cloud/SaaS applications, video conferencing, mobility & BYOD, Big Data, etc.) that happen to be very complex to control. All of them rely on the network to deliver their benefits to remote and mobile employees. The network has become a fundamental tool for business performance.

Service Providers should seize the Application Performance Guarantee market

Enterprise’s approach to IT is maturing and the availability of business applications over the public cloud (Office 365, GoogleApps, Salesforce, Amazon AWS…) has strongly contributed to demystify it. Furthermore, due to the CFO’s increasing requirement to reduce assets and to move from a Capex to an Opex model enterprises concentrate on their business skills rather than on incidental know-how. This creates a powerful nexus of forces in favor of a service approach to guarantee application performance.

Application Performance Guarantee services encompass all network technologies (for example unifying hybrid MPLS+Internet networks), turning the classical ‘transport’ value proposition into a profitable ‘application’ value proposition. These services enable Telecom Operators and Managed Service Providers to move up the value chain by gaining access to larger IT budgets whilst relying on their networking expertise. This is a perfectly achievable transition.

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