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Arrow ECS is an information technology distributor specialising in providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions including data storage, servers, enterprise software, network security, unified communications and virtualisation. Working with our channel partners, we optimise the efficiency with which organisations can store, manage, protect and deploy their data, equipping them with secure access to business-critical information any time, from any location, on any device.

Based on the rapid progress of information technology in 1986 Harrisma seized an opportunity to develop an IT business on Indonesia. By accelerating the technology transfer through partnerships with leading IT vendors such as Hewlett Packard , Cisco, Fuji, Xerox, Motorola, Wyse, etc., conducting regular training, and send employees abroad to keep abreast of the most up-to-date development of information technology, Harrisma committed long term mission of helping the country to develop IT industry’s potential value.

Exertis GO Connect is the largest value-added distributor for Voice, Visual and Unified Communication solutions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Exertis GO Connect was founded in 1996 (as GO Telecom), a distributor of communication headsets in The Netherlands. In 2012 we changed our name to GO Connect because our service offering, channel expertise and distribution network had become much more than just a telecom company. Today, we are Exertis GO Connect and “we connect people everywhere!”

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Infinite Data Sdn Bhd is a single point of purchase for IT advance technology solutions. Being one of the leading companies and trusted partners we offer wide range of products and solutions of latest IP technologies, including Networking, Security, Wireless and Voice & Video. We provide partnership with our customers to evaluate how the latest data convergence technology can provide your company with a competitive edge. However, we also offer professional services on network assessment to measure those mission critical IP based applications to our valuable customers.

Infosight is a Value Added Distributor of IT products, encompassing network security, application performance monitoring and network performance monitoring. Infosight brings the right vendors from around the world and matches them with the Philippines’ elite system integrators, security consultants, network specialists and VARs to help protect the end-users clients from security breaches and network or application inefficiencies by providing the right tools for the job, at the right price, and with the right level of support needed for a successful evaluation and implementation. Infosight headquarters is located in the business district of Makati City, Philippines.

By partnering with NCR, telecom, systems integrator and technology OEM partners can deliver value-added solutions to more locations with greater speed and at higher levels of service, providing more revenue opportunities and increased customer satisfaction. With NCR Services, you have access to a global workforce of experienced professionals who can install, maintain and manage your offered solutions whether in customer premises, points of presence, ILAs or internal data centers.

Focusing on bringing emerging technologies and unique products for resellers and service providers into the EMEA channel.For Resellers, Nubeon provide expert sales advice backed by an experienced presales team. Nubeon provides the platform to give resellers the confidence to introduce new technologies to their customers with the benefits of sales and technical training, presales support, demo equipment, marketing assistance and a 24×7 TAC. For Service Providers, Nubeon has partnered with a number of key vendors which provide key data centre technologies and enable the service provider market to move into cloud services and beyond.

SYSTEX Corporation operates its businesses throughout Asia and vows to become a world-class IT services and software services providers comparable to those in China and India. With rich resources and accurate, focus and clear service beliefs, SYSTEX Corporation provides customers with strategic IT applications and value-added services to help customers build IT environments of greater flexibility so that they can focus on their core businesses and create performance excellence. We make it simple, you profit from it.

Tech Access is made of an enthusiastic group of experienced staff in the IT distribution. Tech Access focuses on three growth markets: Networking, Security and Storage Networking, combined with value-added services. Experience has taught us that many resellers are looking for more than just a logistics partner. In addition to the delivery of the products they want to be also supported. This is precisely the role that Tech Access will and can play where it is needed. Tech Access will make new technology easily and quickly available to their customers and this in a creative and flexible way.

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