October 2013 N°53
Take advantage of Dynamic Hybrid Networking
White Paper
How can you guarantee business continuity and application performance dynamically using all available network resources (MPLS+Internet+Ethernet)?
Guarantee business application performance and business continuity;
Control any mix of private and public cloud applications;
Increase network efficiency;
Simplify IT management;
Improve IT agility.

Case Study
Discover how Henkel easily managed IT initiatives to deliver excellent end-user experience while optimizing costs
“Our hybrid network delivers its promises. It allows us to cost effectively benefit from the best of MPLS and Internet. The objective-based application performance management strongly reduces complexity and enables us to dynamically guarantee the application performance to the end-users anytime,” Frank Meyer, Technical Project Lead, Henkel

Case Study
With Network Boost from Orange Business Services, GSF ensures business continuity and optimizes IT costs by dynamically using the full capacity offered by the 2 SDSL links at each site
“With Network Boost we can now guarantee user satisfaction by protecting our business applications performance anytime and anywhere. We automatically use all the network resources available and incident calls have strongly decreased” Matthieu Desson, Head of Systems and Networks, GSF

Ipanema demonstrates a dynamic and unique way to guarantee application performance over your hybrid network
Hybrid networking is becoming more and more important as businesses increase usage of SaaS and other applications that put stress on the network. It is essential that enterprises turn their hybrid network into a reliable and predictable business network…

Market Research
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TRAC Research
TRAC Research
Complexity is driving a move beyond traditional WAN Optimization
of respondents are not able to cope with rollouts of new applications
Network World
Don’t Let App Performance Problems Drag You Down: Get Proactive
of enterprises are losing productivity due to poor application performance
Killer Apps Survey 2013
The continuous rise of application performance problems
79% of organizations still suffer application performance problems despite increased IT budgets
The 2013 Application and Service Delivery Handbook by Dr. Jim Metzler
Press Release
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09/19/2013 – Ipanema Technologies launches new solution to easily manage cloud-based application performance
Blog Posts
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Hybrid networking: why dynamic will always win?
Dynamic Hybrid Networking: Why is it so important to be dynamic?
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