Ipanema Users Group on LinkedIn
This user group allows customers, partners and employees to be connected into the Ipanema’s network. Be a member and proactively receive alerts when a discussion is started or when news is added. It’s an easy way to ask questions and share the experience of other users and partners.

Follow Ipanema on Twitter
Perhaps you already use Twitter to communicate with your friends, find out about breaking news, and keep up with technology and social media (or even political) leaders. Now you can keep up with Ipanema’s tweets.

Ipanema YouTube Channel
YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience.

APPSsolute blog
This is a blog to discuss network and application issues. It’s aimed at SMEs and SMBs, but will offer generally useful information all around. Are you a new company thinking of moving to the cloud? Are you an entrepreneur expanding your IT? Are you perhaps a larger corporation, looking to develop your computer skills? Then read on.

WAN Governance blog
On the WAN Governance blog, Ipanema discusses WAN alignment with the enterprise’s business. Our goal is not promotional: we try to provide valuable content, not brainwashing. Please comment and provide topics you would like to read about to

Ipanema Web TV
Ipanema TV covers a wide range of current WAN optimization and application performance topics including expert interviews and chalk talks from our customers and partners. Whether you’re looking to guarantee user experience, accelerate critical applications, reduce your network costs or simplify network operations you’ll find all of these topics addressed on Ipanema TV as well as many others.

TM Forum
“The TM Forum is very pleased to welcome Ipanema Technologies as a member. With their expertise in in WAN Governance solutions and application-centric VPN services, we feel they will make a positive contribution to the work of the TM Forum and our industry.”
Apostolos Kallis, Senior Vice President, Sales & Account Management, TM Forum

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