About Ipanema Technologies

With Ipanema, (Re)discover Simplicity to guarantee your application performance.

In today’s global, fast-moving, digitally driven business environment, connection is complicated. Some IT decisions can remember a simpler time, while others have never known their IT environments to be simple.

Simplifying those complexities provides the control to make better decisions on how and when to deploy the necessary resources. With Ipanema you get a fully integrated solution that helps you:

  • Understand application usage and performance over your entire network – no matter how complex your network has become;
  • Guarantee user’s experience by providing the dynamic and global control to adjust application flow—in real time;
  • Accelerate/delay sensitive applications and optimize bandwidth consumption;
  • Simplify the management of your hybrid networks and automatically select the best path;
  • Align network sizing to budget and business goals.

The result? Simplicity through greater visibility that allows for better control, enhanced network and applications performance, improved employee productivity, bandwidth savings and the ability to use your network to roll out new applications, quickly, seamlessly and flawlessly.

(Re)discover simplicity: Today’s IT environments are complicated. The more they grow to support global business demand, the more complex they become.

Regaining control starts with simplifying the problem by dynamically aligning application performance with your business.

Simplicity starts with Ipanema.

Ipanema gives enterprises all the features set of solutions they need over a fully integrated platform to guarantee ERP, CRM and business application performance to every user regardless of the complexity of their IT (number of sites, telecom providers, users, applications or sites). With Ipanema, CIOs regain control of their applications and can dynamically adapt to new usages. They can easily manage their strategic IT transformations, including Unified Communications, SaaS, and Cloud computing and embrace social media and BYOD. Thanks to Ipanema, they take full advantage of their hybrid networks and can easily support company’s business growth objectives and related traffic explosion while reducing the IT costs.

Worldwide leaders in all verticals are using the Ipanema solutions. They are delivered to the enterprises through an international network of certified channel partners, and as a service through Managed Service Providers and telecom operators.

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