Service description

Real-time Application Visibility

Provides real-time visibility of application usage and performance from details to a high-level Application Quality Score (AQS). Application performance reporting provides the following information:

  • Application discovery and classification by nature, by site and across different periods of time
  • Measurement of application usage and performance across the network
  • Real-time dashboard indicating current Application Quality Score and application activity on each site
  • Historical information about the quality and activity of applications over different periods of time (hour, day, week, month)

Dynamic Bandwidth Control

AppsWork by Ipanema analyzes and individually controls each communication flow, according to user activity, in order to:

  • Protect the real-time characteristics of time sensitive application flows such as Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) or hosted virtual desktop communication
  • Dynamically allocate the network bandwidth according to the business criticality of each application including cloud-based applications
  • Maximize the network usage without impact on business critical application performance, including intensive usage of social media and recreational applications

WAN Optimization

Accelerate traffic while guaranteeing critical application performance in bandwidth-restricted locations. WAN Optimization mitigates the impact of delay for chatty applications like Common Internet File System (CIFS), increases the available bandwidth and reduces application transfer time.

  • Eliminating redundancy in the traffic flows, namely for applications with large and redundant content (CAD/CAM, storage, …)
  • Delay mitigation for applications that cannot use all the available resources of long application response time (e.g. file transfer)
  • Delay mitigation for latency sensitive applications (CIFS, SSL, etc.)
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