Reseller benefits

As a reseller, you’re probably transforming your business to cloud and managed services.

Although this transformation offers great benefits to you and your customers, it also has its challenges.

  • As customer trust is essential to your business, you want to be sure that you can successfully offer new cloud services, without post migration issues due to poor performance.
  • Selling commoditized cloud services won’t enable you to differentiate you form your competitors. Selling a service with guaranteed application performance and subsequent reports does.
  • How can you keep control over your customer with cloud services deployed form different SaaS providers?

In addition, many SMBs already struggle with poorly performing applications like VoIP, VDI and have to deal with the social media explosion. More and more companies also allow their employees to bring their own device (BYOD) which puts another strain on the network resources.

With AppsWork by Ipanema you can offer an innovative service that leverages over 10 years of experience. Provided as a Service, it guarantees application performance for on-premise and cloud apps, and provides unique visibility, over the network.

Your benefits:

  • No other interesting alternative in the market to help your customers
  • No me too, AppsWork by Ipanema is a unique service
  • Excellent revenue opportunity, with no risk
  • No financial investment to become AppsWork by Ipanema Authorized partner
  • No need to hire people, it’s all managed by Ipanema

Bundle AppsWork by Ipanema with cloud and on-premises apps so you can guarantee service upsell and enable your business transformation!

Don’t wait till your customer complains, apply for the AppsWork by Ipanema Authorized Partner program today! Click here.

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