AppsWork by Ipanema

AppsWork by Ipanema

Features AppsWork by IpanemaMany SMBs struggle to deliver predictable performance for business critical applications and their attempts to embrace cloud-based applications to reduce costs and increase IT agility, are often undermined by reduced business productivity and a poor user experience resulting from unpredictable application performance.

For SMBs, guaranteed application performance has required additional capital investment, improved IT skills and additional staff.

Since most SMBs lack these resources, they need a cost efficient and easy to use service, which hasn’t existed until today.

Introducing AppsWork by Ipanema

Provided as a service, AppsWork by Ipanema™ enables SMBs to take full advantage of any application, including cloud and Internet based, guaranteeing performance and delivering full application visibility.

AppsWork by Ipanema™, a cost efficient and easy to use service, allows SMBs to consume applications, as they need, without having to worry about performance and end-user experience.
With AppsWork by Ipanema, for a few dollars per user per month, applications just work.

AppsWork by Ipanema is available in the United States and the United Kingdom. It will be rolled-out to other countries soon.

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